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Sōjutsu (槍術) "art of the spear"

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Sōjutsu (槍術)  "art of the spear"

With the kamayari one can do much more than just thrust. Thanks to the sickles (kama), the two side blades of the spear head, the opponent’s spear can be controlled, dominated and manipulated in a number of ways. It can be struck down, or thrown to the side, the sickle also allows the blade to slide along the shaft of the opponent’s spear targeting the opponent's leading hand. An old poem illustrates this versatility:

Tsukeba yari
Nageba naginata
Hikeba kama
Which can be translated as:
Thrusting it's a spear
Mowing it's a pole sword
It can scythe like a sickle
Ad it never fails to hit its target

Flickr 2/26/2011 9:11:31 PM